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Sharp Vertical / Horizontal Knee Mill

Vert/Horiz Knee Mill:  VH25
The VH25 model features a two-machines-in-one design with a vertical milling position that can be easily switched to horizontal milling. The two box ways construction on the knee keeps the table in place and provides additional contact surface for better accuracy during heavy milling operations.
  • Separate motors for the vertical and horizontal spindles.
  • 4 ~ 5 HP variable speed drive vertical spindle with #40 taper.
  • The vertical spindle is equipped with electro-magnetic brake for instant, fast action stop of the quill; it is also equipped with electro-magnetic lock for quick and simple change of tool holder. Power draw bar is available as an option.
  • The vertical head has a joystick that control forward and reverse of the spindle, a handy feature for most tapping operations. A separate lever controls spindle up and down feed.
  • The saddle is built with 2 oversized box ways, hardened and ground, to ensure the stability of the table under heavy milling conditions.
  • A single powerful motor drives the feed and rapid traverse of the table, saddle and knee. Powerful knee feeds allow deep boring and drilling of large work piece. It also allows simultaneous multi-axes feeds.
  • The table is equipped with slip clutch as overload protection, a superior design than shear pins
  • The horizontal spindle speed goes as low as 35 rpm for heavy duty milling jobs.
  • Changeover from vertical to horizontal operation is quick and easy
  • The machine is equipped with Climb Milling Compensator for smooth and stable horizontal climb milling operations.
  • The adjustable automatic lube system maintains proper lubrication at desired intervals to the saddle, the table, the knee and the column.
  • Manual movement of the table is controlled by hand wheel installed at the front of the table for easy operation.
  • Gears, shafts and pins are made out of Chrom-Moly material, hardened and ground for precision and durability. They are lubricated constantly via a pressurized lube system.
  • Ways are fully gibbed to ensure smooth sliding motions.

Specifications available upon request.