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Who We Are

express machinery sales


 With ten years of buying, selling, and repairing fabrication machinery,

Tim is your market expert for selling and servicing new and used machinery.


Tim has traveled the US for over 25 years visiting manufacturers and factories and attending industrial markets. He listens to the concerns of his customers about which specific machinery they are searching for and enjoys hunting for the machine that has those particular functions that they requested.

Tim has been selling new machinery for about ten years and developing a large network of manufacturing associates to buy and sell machinery.

sweet machines


We make sure your machine is installed and running correctly

Meet Tim Martin

I was born to Ralph and Eunice Martin in 1960. My grandfather Albin Emmanuel Berglund was an immigrant from Sweden. My Grandpa Martin was a welder and pipefitter in Minneapolis for 50 years. My dad was a pastor for 2 churches in Wyoming and Rockford IL.


I grew up in a moderately conservative home that encouraged good work ethics and honest living. I have been married to my wife for over 30 years. I have 3 daughters and four grandchildren. I was an ironworker for four years right after I graduated with a BA Degree. I also sold Schwan’s Ice Cream door to door for 4 years. I worked for 23 years selling quilting fabric and notions traveling 40,000 miles throughout the upper midwesterns states. Now I am centering my efforts in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah.

sweet machines